Growing a fresh missional edge for your church

logo_mission_shaped_ministryAfter 10 years of experience in the UK, and pilot courses run in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales/ACT, it’s finally time for the mission shaped ministry course to be offered in Queensland.

The Uniting Church, under the banner of it’s Moreton Rivers and South Moreton presbytery groups will offer the course commencing April 22 and wrapping up early September.  Course material has been developed and refined by the UK Fresh Expressions and contextualised to suit local culture and community.  The course is open to all who are interested, no matter your denomination or congregation.

mission shaped ministry is a 24 unit course aimed to help congregations generate a missional edge, and small groups of leaders to imagine, plan and launch ‘fresh expressions’ both within and beyond the bounds of the traditional church.

We’re excited to be able to bring you this course, and invite you to come and join us.  Elsewhere on this site you’ll find a full schedule, details on our course instructors, registration information and more.  Each week during the course we’ll add reflections from recent units, along with up to date information on the upcoming msm sessions.



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